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they want to be sure it's clear of explosives before they clear the scene. >> they are describing him as a hoarder. are investigators surprised that amid all that clutter the home didn't blow up? >> reporter: they are surprised but they are also saying that they were worried at first when they entered for booby traps because of the cluttered nature and the type of potential personality they were dealing with, they were afraid that they might be in danger themselves. that didn't happen. >> thank you, len ramirez. senator yee says this death threat centers around his legislateston to ban the bullet button possibly a way around the ban on assault weapons in california. the senator says this death threat as serious as it was won't stop his campaign against the bullet button. leland yee says this threat in the form of an email was like none other. >> when you start reading the email it really outlines step
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by step as to how they are going to stalk you, how they were going to then put a gun on their site at you and how they were going to pull the trigger and blow you away. >> reporter: as far back as last year when the senator wrote legislation to make the bullet button illegal, there began an orchestrated campaign against him with billboards and threatening e-mails. >> go back to china. we love america. >> reporter: senator yee wrote his bill after he watched a kpix 5 report showing how the bullet button allows the quick replacement of a clip on an ar- 15 type rifle even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. he says the earlier threats were also taken seriously but none as specific and scary as this one. >> not only for myself but for my staff and for my family because you don't know where it's going to come from and who
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knows who is standing next to you who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet so it's frightening. >> reporter: as for his gun control bill, it has gained moment in the aftermath of the abrejct movie of the aurora shooting and newtown. >> i think what's sad is how so many individuals think they can solve problems by just simply killing individuals that you would think that that kind of mentality doesn't happen anymore in a civilized society like ours. but unfortunately, still going on. >> just last week senator yee joined other lawmakers to propose a package of bills aimed at reducing gun violence in california. new tonight the san jose man arrested for trying to blow up a bank of america branch with a fake bomb may need a mental health evaluation. that's what his defense lawyer
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said today. 28-year-old matthew llaneza was arrested. he tried to detonate a car bomb on front of bank of america on hegenberger, according to investigators. the fake bomb was built by the fbi to catch him after he said he wanted to start a civil war in the united states and join the taliban. a san leandro elementary school is a crime scene right now following a deadly shooting on campus last night. investigators are looking for a suspect and motive in the murder. it happened at hillside elementary school about 8:45 last night. police found and 18-year-old with a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead a short time later. kpix 5's da lin is in san leandro where the victim's mother says, she actually heard the shots that killed her son. >> reporter: the family lives a block away from the crime scene. you can see family members and friends showing up for a
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memorial to remember trevion foster, a good kid with a bright future. family and friends are heartbroken over the death of 18-year-old trevion foster. his mother ran to the school when she heard four shots around 8:45 last night. >> when i seen my baby's car i lost it because i know something bad had happened. i had been calling his cell phone, no answer. >> reporter: her son told her he was hanging out at nearby hillside elementary with friends. she believes her son knew the killer. >> pleases, turn yourself in because my baby did not deserve that. my baby didn't deserve it at all. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's deputies don't have a motive. the district shut down the school thursday so investigators could search for evidence. >> it's sad for the kids that the school gets shut down for the day. but we didn't want a situation where kids are playing on the grounds and find something they shouldn't not find. >> reporter: detectives walked through the area and combed the area where they initially found foster. some even got on rooftops and
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they brought in a couple of dogs to sniff for evidence. investigators wouldn't say what the victim was doing there but his father believes foster was playing dice with people he knew. >> the people you hang with, they are really determined your future. >> reporter: foster was a red shirt freshman on the laney college football team. he played at san lorenzo high school for three years before transferring to another high school. his coach says the 18-year-old was a gifted defensive player and nice kid. >> i enjoyed coaching foster. he listened to what you were saying and worked hard to get better. >> reporter: the detectives don't have any suspects at this time. again, this is a live shot at the memorial here for trevion foster to remember the young man about 40 to 50 people here. family members, friends,
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classmates, they are all here to remember the the young man who says he was a good kid. joe vazquez will have more on this story at 11:00. >> thank you. bay area headlines, a high- speed pursuit in oakland ended with a crash and a suspect in handcuffs. it ended this morning when the driver crashed into a police cruiser at 78th and bancroft. the driver took off on foot but was caught later. tonight we know the name of the pilot killed in yesterday's plane crash in solano county. the coroner identified him as 68-year-old jeffrey sharman of vacaville. now, a witness says he actually saw the wing of the plane come off right before the plane spiraled to the ground by interstate 505 near winters. fremont police think they arrested the woman seen in this surveillance video stealing a package of canned goods for the needy. the suspect nabbed the items from the porch of a home in the glenmoor neighborhood in
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november. police booked danielle gonsalves of oakland yesterday. detectives say she has stolen mail, credit cards and ids belonging to other victims when they arrested her. we got our first look today at the drone that the alameda county sheriff's office is talking about using. the agency would be one of the first in california to use that new technology. that's not flying with some people. john ramos on new assurances that it would not be used as a spy in the sky. >> reporter: what's in a name? displayed outside the alameda county building today was a model of a military drone. >> i take offense to the term drone. >> reporter: the sheriff's office was showing a small unmanned aerial system. much has been made about the department's desire to purchase such an aircraft. today they made their case. >> if someone's child is missing and we have the opportunity to locate the child with the use of this device,
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it's all worth it. >> reporter: while the department touts it primarily as a search-and-rescue cool, it is not ruling out using in for surveillance in tactical situations. that has opponents fearing the aircraft could be used to spy on individuals without a warrant. the sheriff denies all this. >> we don't use these types of devices for surveillance or gathering intel on civilians. it's used to gather intelligence on a scene of mission specific we're deployed to. >> reporter: critics aren't buying it. >> the privacy safeguards the sheriff is proposing are simply not meaningful and they are not enforceable. >> this is not about public safety. you know, keeping the public safe does not require an erosion of people's fundamental privacy expectations. >> we do not want to see money going to perform technology that do not make us safer and that clearly have the potential to encroach or civil liberties.
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>> reporter: it's the potential of these devices most feared. opponents want limitations demanding that the authority rest with the board of supervisors rather than the sheriff. it's clear there's not a lot of trust here. >> i don't even like the helicopters flying over my backyard. you know? i just feel like -- i think there's too many cameras in society. >> reporter: the full board will hear the issue at a later date. whether they will see this as a spy drone or an unmanned aerial system is still very much up in the air. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. coming up, why san francisco's sheriff and his wife jammed with jail inmates all for a common cause. >> it was another close call beneath the bay bridge. how weather will trigger new rules for big ships on san francisco bay. >> weather triggered a lot of smiling faces today, didn't it? sunshine, 70 degrees although not everybody likes sunny
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the world. but there was nothing romantic about it. on this valentine's day there were flash mobs, live music and prison inmates dancing all over the world. but there was nothing romantic about it. kpix 5 reporter linda yee sprains the meaning of the program one million rising. >> reporter: that's the number of victims of domestic violence they estimate all over the world. that means 30% of women will suffer physical or emotional abuse sometime in their lives. the reason they say that, that's why they had the street party today which is wrapping up to call attention to the numbers. ♪ [ music ]♪ reporter: they have been arrested for violent acts, half of them for abuse against a girlfriend, wife or partner. as part of today's events to
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call attention to ending violence against women, dancing without borders brought their creative therapy to both the men's and women's jails. inmates say it's a relief that helps. >> i was abusive because i had a lot of anger problems. i still have kind of anger problem but i'm in this program trying to stop my violence and become a better person. >> reporter: what they're doing is part of today's global attention to the estimated one billion women and girls victimized by violence. sheriff ross mirkarimi invited the program into the jails he oversees. he also danced. mirkarimi knows the issue firsthand. last year, he pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against his wife. he says he is committed to help inmates end the violence in
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their lives. >> incredible stories of triumph overcoming adversity because of maybe their past is occurring right now. the more we can showcase that and help people get on that track, that's exactly what i plan to do. and i'm committed as sheriff to doing it. >> reporter: how about for you? >> i'm doing it every day. my family is great. we're strong. department is going right and well. what else can i say? >> reporter: in the united front his wife joined the inmates in the dancing therapy. she insists she is not a victim but this was emotional for her. >> i have been so proud of ross for this beautiful movement happening all around the world to bring it here to the jail. >> reporter: the dancing continued late today in front of san francisco city hall a street party as a call to action. >> we need a global culture of people dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. we need women, men, boys, girls, to understand that this happens and work together to change it. >> reporter: the party is over
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now but earlier city leaders including the mayor and the district attorney say they are committed to continuing to find the resources and solutions to end family violence and tonight, liz, the commission on the status of women reports that for the first time in 10 years they have been able to eliminate domestic violence homicides last year. >> thank you. well, oil tankers and other big ships will have to steer clear of the bay bridge when it's foggy. new rules adopted today limit large vessels from sailing under the bridge when visibility is half mile or less. the move follows last month's tower scrape involving an empty tanker. it comes five years after the cosco busan crash which resulted in 53,000 gallons of oil spilling. both happened in fog. we had a little bit of fog this morning coming into the city. >> over the peninsula right along highway 1. we saw some fog in marin county, san mateo
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county in the city. that burned off and we warmed up to the mid- to low-70s in some places. fog will avoid all the bay area the next few mornings. outside san jose one of the final communities that hit 70 today. what a gorgeous sunset we have now. look at all those folks trying to make their dinner reservation on time and their selling other saying, you should have left 10 minutes ago. you should have got fastrak. 75 degrees today in santa cruz. how about that. san jose you had 73. oakland 71. napa 70. san francisco where all those folks are headed for valentine's evening dinner you hit a high of 69 degrees today. there is a reason why we went from the low 60s yesterday to the upper 60s today. for san francisco you were 15 degrees warmer today. it's because the ridge of high pressure i have drawn in some arrows here have shoved the storm track so far to the north because the high is now closer to us like we have been talking about and that's giving an offshore wind. you get a wind off land as opposed to the ocean you will be warmer.
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we'll have that on saturday. highs near 70. onshore flow, that 52 is the ocean temperature. you grab the influence of that shoving it back toward us. it's going to get cooler sunday and cooler monday. and next week the rain is coming back. much-needed rainfall by tuesday of next week. we are not as warm sunday but we have tomorrow and saturday where we'll be warm. san francisco 67 degrees downtown tomorrow. concord upper 60s. livermore 69. fairfield 70. napa 70. san jose 70 degrees once again tomorrow. another warm one on saturday. then sunday here comes the cooldown. monday president's day we are down to 60 and much-needed rainfall will move through in the form of scattered showers on both tuesday and wednesday. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live at the great san francisco valentine's pillow fight tonight. >> reporter: i have never celebrated valentine's day like this before. it's currently 60 degrees but when we were out here an hour ago it was up to 66. the winds are nonexistent. we're at justin herman plaza at the foot of market street and
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you know most people across the country celebrate valentine's day with candy and with cards and with flowers. not here in san francisco. we are celebrating with a big old pillow fight! this is the 8th annual pillow fight. let me show you what happened. hundreds of people gathered here and the way they found out about this pillow fight is word of mouth. go on facebook and find out get your favorite pillow bring it on down here but it's got to be synthetic. but many people broke the rules. they brought feather pillows. travel lightly because the department of public works is telling me it costs up to $5,000 to clean up the feathers and the mess left behind from this big old great pillow fight in san francisco that takes place every year. now, i have a family that's joining me. family and friends here. hi, what's your name? >> shula.
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>> what's going on here? >> a pillow fight. >> who do you want to hit the most right now? >> jo jo! >> what is your name? >> josephine. >> how did you find out about this? >> well, we go like every few years we have a blast. >> your name is? >> i'm e jermaine. a good time. >> great time. >> we're having a good time here. >> reporter: it's mobile weather at justin herman plaza. i'm roberta gonzales for kpix 5. happy valentine's day! coming up, doctors say it's like the brain is on fire. the mysterious new disease striking women that makes them seem possessed. >> the countdown to the new bay bridge span is on. we're now 200 days away from the historic moment. kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony in september. we are going to keep you posted on the big plans for that big day.
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often begins with mood swings.. depression.. headaches. and then suddenly - ev there's a mysterious new disease striking young women, beginning with mood swings, depression, headaches and suddenly everything goes haywire. dr. kim says before long, the women seem possessed like their brain is on fire. >> reporter: young women dazed restrained in hospital beds acting possessed and then becoming catatonic. they have been so normal when suddenly their lives went haywire. >> one minute i would be sobbing crying hysterically and the next minute i would be laughing. >> i was paranoid, manic. there was something wrong. >> reporter: it got worse for emily a college sophomore hospitalized and out of it she couldn't control her arm movements. then there were seizures and she needed a ventilator. >> it was life and death for weeks. >> we were losing her to something that i couldn't control. >> reporter: doctors also
6:23 pm
couldn't figure out what was wrong with susannah. >> i was normal and the next minute, i'm, you know, hallucinating and, you know, suggesting that my father kidnapped me. >> reporter: it turns out they weren't mentally ill. they had a rare auto-immune disorder where the body attacks the brain causing it to, as well. this is how doctors explained it. >> they told my parents, her brain is on fire. he used those words, her brain is on fire. >> reporter: this drawing of a clock is how doctors figured out what was going on. susannah put all the numbers on one side a clear indication there was a neurological, not psychological issue. >> nobody knew about the condition. >> reporter: dr. joseph interviewed via skype from barcelona first discovered the the university of pennsylvania in 2007 the rare brain inflammation strikes mainly young women. no onemistakes, things that has a primary psychiatric disorder. there are many patients that
6:24 pm
are still i think they are misdiagnosed. >> reporter: susanna and emily were eventually correctly diagnosed. there is no cure but researchers have developed a spinal fluid test to test for the disease and immunotherapy to treat it. susanna just published a book about her journey called brain on fire, my month of madness. >> thousands of people have been diagnosed so it's a rare condition but it's not exceedingly rare. it's not as rare as initially thought. >> reporter: emily and her parents want to warn others about the mysterious disease. >> there could be people in comas right now or people stuck in psych wards that have this disease and aren't being treated properly. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, kpix 5. there is still no cure and both women could relapse and be forced to undergo another round of treatment. coming up in our next half hour, the end of a nightmare cruise is near. the smell, awful. and the water, brown. then today, a new problem that
6:25 pm
only prolong the misery. >> and olympic amputee sprinter's fall from grace. his supermodel girlfriend dead, he's in jail. how the key to that case could be at h fingertips. >> and how the merger between american airlines and u.s. airways could affect how much you pay for your next flight.
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the nightmare cruise for passengers who endured a week on a disabled shi and now at 6:30, it is almost over. the nightmare cruise for passengers who have endured a week adrift on that disabled ship. but even this final day was plagued with problems. passengers had to get by without power, working toilets, little food. but now the cruise ship carnival triumph is just about to arrive in mobile, alabama. cbs reporter randall pinkston in mobile. how soon they expect it to get there, randall? >> reporter: we're expecting the ship to arrive here at the terminal sometime around midnight, possibly a little later than midnight. and then of course, hours for everyone to get off. we're being told by relatives who have been talking to their loved ones on board that the stench is unbearable, the conditions inhuman, but soon the suffering will be over. the broken-down carnival ship triumph is expected to finally dock it
6:29 pm
evening. >> this is going to be a long day. >> reporter: this afternoon a new problem. a tow line snapped as tugboats steered the stricken ship toward the terminal. the line was replaced and the slow journey resumed. nelly betts has been in touch with her daughter nicole, who said life on the ship has been miserable and disgusting since the fire knocked out power. >> and the condition of everything was awful, the smell. they did have running water but the water was brown. they hadn't been able to flush the commode in some days. >> reporter: has she been on a cruise before? >> first and last time. >> reporter: karen and travis jackson have a teddy bear and rose waiting for their daughter. >> we boughter who a valentine. today's her birthday. >> reporter: john has a wife, daughter, sister and two nieces on board. he made them a sign that reads, thank god it's over. >> it's not the way i plan to spend valentine's but here we are. >> reporter: news crews surrounded him as he spoke to his wife over the phone. >> they want to know how the smell is on the ship.
6:30 pm
>> horrendous. >> reporter: customs and border patrol agents boarded the triumph earlier today. they are trying to speed up the customs process when the ship docks at the terminal. carnival is providing transportation and hotel rooms for the passengers. they are also giving out full refunds for the cruise, a credit towards future cruises and $500 cash. in mobile, alabama, randall pinkston, kpix 5. >> reporter: carnival is making buses available. we have seen some signs that say, free shuttle to new orleans. there are also buses to texas. but relatives say when their loved ones step off that gangplank, they are going to take them to a hotel here first order of business a shower. reporting live in mobile, randall pinkston, back to you. >> can't blame them. >> th sprinter charged with killing
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his girlfriend is set to be in court tomorrow. police escorted him to a prison in south africa today. investigators believe the 26- year-old nicknamed blade runner shot and killed his girlfriend. hours before the murder the victim tweeted about valentine's day saying it should be a day of love for everybody. may it be blessed. >> i knew her quite well. she was a humble person. she was beautiful inside and out. >> oscar pistorius was the first double amputee runner to ever people at the olympics at the london games last summer. he was being tested for drugs and alcohol and looking for possible evidence his fingernails. this afternoon it was confirmed the charred body in a burned-out cabin near big bear is that of ex-l.a. cop christopher dorner. and tonight we are learning more about the final days of the massive manhunt for him. greg mills talked to the couple
6:32 pm
who was tied up and held hostage. >> reporter: jim and karen reynolds only resorts here at big bear and live in this condo. did you ever see them at all checking anybody's apartments or condos? >> not around here. they were down the road. >> reporter: we saw deputies with guns drawn going door to door just down club view drive. the sheriff's department says they did check any occupied homes in the area when searching for christopher dorner. this is the couple that found dorner in their unit number 203 tuesday. >> i saw him and i turned around and ran. i don't remember if he said anything, i don't know if i said anything. i saw him, scaredest i have ever felt in my life, turn around and ran down the stairs. >> reporter: he grabbed her. they said they knew it was dorner the second they saw him. they said he was very calm and didn't threaten them. >> he actually kept saying, i will not kill you. >> reporter: they don't know how long dorner was hiding out there. they said the power was on and
6:33 pm
found carrots in the refrigerator figuring dorner got in through an unlocked door. >> we thought it was locked. >> reporter: he said dorner didn't remove this screen and get in through this window. the screen has been off for a month. as for this weekend, they are sold out for president's day weekend with two exceptions, they will not be renting unit 203 or the one next to it. >> not real comfortable yet. >> that was greg mills reporting from big bear. republicans have for now blocked chuck hagel's nomination to become secretary of defense. the senate came up two votes short of the 60 needed to move the nomination forward as lawmakers prepare to leave town for a week-long break. republicans say they wanted more information on the obama administration's actions during the attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. meanwhile the illinois senate has voted to legalize gay marriage. the vote advances proposal to make the state the tenth in the nation allowing same-sex couples to wed. the valentine's day vote came
6:34 pm
amid concerns for republicans the bill would force religious organizations to perform same- sex marriage ceremonies. the bill moves to the house where democrats hold a majority. >> will you pay more to fly because of a mega-merger? in the consumerwatch, how the partnership between american and u.s. airways could affect your airfares. >> while florist and chocolate shops profit from off valentine's day how some bay area businesses are targeting those who hate the holiday. am i allergic to any medications? i don't know.
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last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how?
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by building custom security solutions that integrate video access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. here's something that may shock you. california's parks and recreation department doesn't know how much it costs to operate each of its state parks. here's something that may shock you. california's parks and rec department doesn't know how much it costs to operate each of its state parks. that's according to a new audit out today. it's part of the investigation into the $54 million that was
6:37 pm
found hidden last summer. that money had been standard in two special funds for a decade. the audit also shows parks officials have no idea how much the state would have saved by closing 70 parks last year. and it has threatened to do it because of budget cuts. change is in the air. american airlines and u.s. airways announced they plan to merge. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on what that deal means for travelers. reporter: it's a mega- merger in the skies. a marriage of american airlines and u.s. airways that will create the world's largest airline with more than 3,000 daily flights. >> we have come to agreement that this makes sense for all of our customers and employees, investors, and we couldn't be happier. >> reporter: but it may not be a match made in heaven for passengers. >> price tend to go up over the long term. >> reporter: he says giant mergers generally mean less competition. for example, after delta bought northwest, data shows some
6:38 pm
fares increased as much as 29%. after united merged with continental, the price of many flights including those between san francisco and newark jumped as much as 39%. >> an airline merger, the people that benefit the most are wall street, to be honest. >> reporter: with these types of merger, generally the consumer loses and wall street wins. if this deal goes through, just four carriers, american, united, delta and southwest, would control 70% of the u.s. market. and while that could mean higher prices across the board, some say the merger could actually prompt fare wars causing prices to drop in big cities with most of the major airlines serving the same routes. >> prices could also go down because those fewer competitors are competing for the flying public. >> reporter: but whether fares go up or go down, don't switch frequent flyer programs yet. >> in the near term there probably is not going to be any change. >> reporter: the deal still needs approval of the federal
6:39 pm
regulators and the justice department and that could take months. if approved, the combined airline will fly under the name american and both carriers say points earned on either carrier will be cross honored. today is the day to celebrate love, right? coming up how some bay area businesses are cashing in on the contempt of valentine's day. >> judging by traffic trying to get on the bay bridge, san francisco is the be for valentine's day evening. 70 degrees today for many of you but find out which day in my forecast we'll struggle to make it into the 50s. that's coming up. a former as player takes a [ indiscernible ] out of the red sox clubhouse. and a key pitcher gone for how long coming up.
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maybe minute.. to pick up a valentine's day gift for their better half. florists such as a lot of people waited in the last day maybe minute to pick up a valentine's day give the for their other half. florists such as rossi in the
6:43 pm
south of market in san francisco had lots of bouquets ready for last-minute shoppers. the store owner says it's the busiest day of the year of course. and she spent the past couple of months preparing for today. also in san francisco, sees candy opened early this morning anticipating the crush of customers. the registers were ringing all day long as customers lined up to buy those familiar heart shaped boxes full of those delicious chocolates. >> yum. well, of course, not everyone loves valentine's day. >> not everybody. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us some businesses are still finding clever ways to cash in on the singles crowd. >> reporter: it started as a nerdy kid who never got valentine's and a teenager who never got them. i hate, hate, hate, hate valentine's day. >> that was a few years and couple of hairstyles ago but i still hate valentine's day. i'm not alone. >> pure commercialism. i feel sorry for people who don't have too much money but
6:44 pm
pressured into buying lots of things for valentine's day. >> reporter: $18.5 billion in the u.s. according to the national retail federation, meant an average of $108, women only 53. >> it makes people feel bad. >> reporter: if you don't get something or have a special someone. so shawny delaney plans to have a talk with 7-month-old al when it's time. >> you know, you can express that you care about people in other ways on other days. today is like any other day. >> reporter: it's not for restaurants. and some are starting to cash in on the antivalentine's day sentiment. >> the main attraction for the menu of the day being our menage a un. >> reporter: grilled cheese, truffled fries and bottle of champagne for one. >> it's played up so much that we wanted to just say, you know, poke a little fun and have a good time and not take it so seriously. >> reporter: not the first to turn the holiday on its head to
6:45 pm
make money on the anti- commercial sentiment of a holiday based on buying. mike sugerman, kpix 5. too much trouble for us. >> that sounds good. >> don't you feel like the bottle of champagne next to him? >> for one. >> don't you feel sorry for mike's wife? we should do something for her. >> we should send her flowers. >> make up for mike. >> we need to do something. mother nature tried to. it's not going to be revved but it will be that yellow ball if the sky that we had beautiful day with golden sunshine out there. rain is coming up in the forecast but not tonight. you know, i would love to hear some of the conversations in a few of these cars right now. one person saying to the other, why didn't you get the reservation in our town? why did we have to come to san francisco? i told you to leave an hour early. let's think happy valentine's thoughts far all those folks stuck in traffic trying to get on the bay bridge and not even there yet. let's go to current temperatures outside. we have the upper 60s still in oakland. you get to the city it's 59.
6:46 pm
san jose 63. santa rosa 58. concord 63. even if you doesn't like valentine's day, i have some good news for you. earth is not going to get pummeled by a large asteroid tomorrow. this is an animation of how close -- watch -- closer closer really close -- oh!! just missed that one. 17,000 miles. that's how close an asteroid the size of a swimming pool -- there's an animation of it -- will be coming to earth. that sounds like a long distance away and it kind of is but here's the deal. our weather satellites that give your our pictures that we show you on our broadcast here are 22,000 miles away. this asteroid will be closer. a miss is a miss. we had a miss on kpix 5 high- def doppler radar because we have nothing on it. we will see that change next week. but all the way through the holiday weekend we'll be mainly dry. couple of upper 30s out there tonight. you will drop down to 38 in santa rosa and fairfield. 39 for livermore and oakland 45, redwood city tomorrow morning down to 42. big ridge of high pressure it is drying now all the way up
6:47 pm
through british columbia. this ridge of high pressure inching closer to us. this will kind of be the peak of its strength today and tomorrow and when that happens and it gets closer to us winds always go clockwise around high pressure so it depends where we are relative to. right now with it next to us we are getting winds out of the northeast. a critical change because the wind is coming off land that got us from 60 yesterday to 70 today. this holds tomorrow. this holds through saturday. so two more warm days with highs around 70 degrees. by sun, same ridge of high pressure, by sunday, same strength, different placement. now it's down to our south as it moves away. now watch the arrows, the wind coming from the ocean. the onshore flow, ocean temperature 52 degrees, so because the high moved we are going from 70 on saturday down to 60 by president's day and then after that, our front is going to get here and that means it will be cooler and wetter for next week big pattern change coming u sunday warning, monday cooler for
6:48 pm
president's day and next week the chill. highs in the low 50s for some of you by the middle of next week. enjoy 70 while we have it. 10 degrees above average for oakland, 70 tomorrow for san jose, campbell 71. hayward 70 with sunshine tomorrow. concord 68. san ramon 69. not getting hit by an asteroid tomorrow. so that's good, too. we'll get a couple of days of rain tuesday and wednesday next week mid 50s. beautiful and dry if you like sunshine through the weekend. dennis with sports coming right up.
6:49 pm
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here we go again...a's closer grant balfour will miss four to six weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, meaning he will not pitch this >> i can hear billy beane saying here we go again. four to six weeks to repair a torn meniscus he won't pitch in the spring but balfour is still expected to be ready by opening day. meanwhile the oakland clubhouse just wouldn't be the same without that man, petaluma native jonny gomes signed a two- year deal with the red sox who hope he can clean up the toxicity out of the red sox clubhouse. >> i think what's different
6:52 pm
about me and some of the guys that came in here is you know, we weren't miserable last year, you know, i wasn't, you know, uhm.... do i know what happened here last year? absolutely but i'm not going to let that bring me down i wasn't part of it, you know, i mean, you know, like i said i won a division title last year. we had a great year. >> late arriving crowd at the s.a.p. open in san jose but we set up our camera in mountain view. xavier comes to the net for the winner but beats matthew in three sets. he will take on big john in the quarterfinals. you like that, allen? exclusive. archbishop midi prep star heading to the all american game. gordon to be joined by bird, deer valley marcus lee. they will be the first bay area participants on the boys side since 2003. pga from pebble beach to the shores of santa monica for the northern trust open.
6:53 pm
james hahn magical ride continues. the alameda native shoots a 67 in the opening round to tie for third three strokes behind the leader match kutcher. hahn became nearly the first cal golfer to win a pga event last week. that streak is sure to end very soon. the program has gone from the rough to the middle of the fairway. >> i was a volunteer coach and we had no schedule. we had no roster. i mean, we were basically -- i was basically starting from scratch. >> reporter: he has built a cal program from the ashes. and for 34 years, he funded the program without the help of the university. >> with all the competitive success we have had and really the financial success, the fundraising success we have had, you would think that maybe there might have been a little help somewhere along the way. if we don't raise half a million dollars a year and sometimes more than that, then there is no cal golf program and so i'm essentially running a business. >> reporter: it certainly is no
6:54 pm
fortune 500 but in golf circles, his team bows to no one. they started on fire winning the first five tournaments something the 2004 championship team never accomplished. >> i think the 2004 ncaa championship really let people know that this program is what it should have always been and we have been doing it ever since. >> reporter: along with being the top-ranked team, desimone has the best individual, michael came to berkeley under the radar overlooked by many in the big programs because of his size. >> it's always kind of a chip on my shoulder to say, you know, you guys didn't really recruit me that much. i think like 125 pounds going into college, if you can believe that. just proving them wrong is a good feeling. >> a lot of coaches are very surprised. we're not. >> reporter: kim is one of four returning all americans that nearly won the title last year. desimone is gaining the
6:55 pm
recognition and now he wants more hardware. >> assuming that this program, this team continues to do well, you know, it's going to be really more good news for not just for michael but for cal golf. >> teach your kids golf, reit? syracuse basketball coach jim boeheim has never been one to hold back when speaking to the media. last night after his team lost to uconn, the 68-year-old coach took out some frustrations on espn reporter andy capp. >> what is [ indiscernible ] comments? >> i'll answer anybody's question but yours because you're an idiot and really, a disloyal person. >> ouch. >> idiot? >> i have been on the receiving end of some salvos, you might have heard, but not to that extent. i mean, that was pretty bad. >> really bad. >> no apology. >> no. not from the coach. >> oh. >> speaking his mind. but it's a good soundbyte. we in the other side of the
6:56 pm
media like that kind of stuff. >> see you at 11:00. [ laughter ] >> good night. captions by: caption colorado call or click today.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good, good. how's everybody doing? thank you all very much. thank you very much, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from loganville, georgia it's the lewis family. and from louisville, kentucky-- that's the home of the derby-- it's the darden family. let's go. give me jim, give me terry junior.
6:59 pm
hey, fellas, here we go. we've got the top 5 answers on the board. name the first thing a vampire does when he crawls out of his coffin at night. terry. >> looks for blood. steve: looks for blood. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. is it "mar-leesha"? >> yes, sir. steve: hi, marleisha. how you doing? >> steve: what do you do, darling? >> i'm a student. steve : where? >> at the number one school for basketball the university of kentucky. steve: wow. >> whoo! steve: how o >> i'm 21. steve: 21. i have a 21-year-old son. >> [mocking] do you? [laughter]
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